Reputation Management and Monitoring

What are people saying about your business online?  What are your own employees saying about your business?

Our Reputation Control Center solutions help proactively manage your online business.  We help you track and monitor the following:

  • Online visibility
  • Online Reviews
  • Online mentions(like Google alerts, but way more powerful!)
  • Keywords and top sources
  • Social media mentions
  • Online competitive benchmarking

Manage & Monitor Online Reviews

Your customers are talking about you. Reviews on influential sites like Yelp and Citysearch can change the fortunes of small businesses…for better or worse.

  • Businesses that respond quickly to online reviews create a sense of trust that can translate into sales.
  • Businesses that ignore their reviews can quickly find their online reputations getting away from them.

Discussion of strategy with a financial analyst

Why You Need Reputation Management & Monitoring

Listings that are potentially damaging to your online reputation hurt your credibility and will make you lose potential business every day, especially if these listings are for you or your company’s name. If you “Googled” your name right now, what would you see? Maybe a recently laid-off employee has some unfavorable opinions about your company’s management. Perhaps a competitor has secretly been targeting you in consumer review websites. Or maybe you are a high-profile individual with an unfortunate past legal incident that just won’t seem to go away.

High-ranking negative listings will become stronger over time and many of them are full of User-Generated Content submitted anonymously (and, therefore, protected from deletion). Depending on the type of potentially damaging listing, it could rise quickly in Search Engine Results and it is vital that you take quick action. So how can you repair your online reputation and bring it back under your control? By turning to the Search Engine and Reputation experts. Call us! We can help you!