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Reputation Management is simply managing a company’s reputation and monitoring its online reviews. This also involves getting alerts when a good or bad review is posted by one of your customers, former employees or even your competitors and doing something to deal with those bad reviews. Reputation Marketing on the other hand takes Reputation Management to a new level as this involves proactive planning in order to prevent bad reviews from coming in the first place. Reputation marketing requires businesses to develop a sound marketing plan to get their existing customers post reviews to various review sites online. In addition to that, reputation marketing takes the developed marketing plan and develops it. Some of the strategies involved in order to do this are posting video reviews, website marketing and social media marketing to name a few. In a nutshell, Reputation Marketing is creating a 5 star online reputation and leveraging that reputation to get more customers. Online Reputation Management is, as it sounds – managing, tracking and monitoring your 5 star reputation.

Reputation Management is defensive and reacting to what customers comment about your company online. Chances are that the comments might be favorable and this is of course, good and desirable for your company. It is the negative and unflattering comments or ratings that needs to be dealt with accordingly by reputation management.

It’s difficult to combat what you don’t even know exists. Reputation management eradicates this problem as it allows you to become aware of the negative review that’s posted against your business. This then gives you the opportunity to address the negative review and attend to the potential misunderstanding. It is also your opportunity to bring clarity to the issue.

On the other end, Reputation Marketing is the proactive choice as opposed to the reactive alternative offered by reputation management. With reputation marketing, one is making a conscious choice to develop and cultivate a five star reputation online. It is a 5 star rating that Google will display when a user searches for your company or service. Reputation marketing is more than just managing reputation. It’s about establishing, guarding, and marketing that reputation to become more competitive and profitable.

If you are speaking with someone trying to sell you reputation management rather than reputation marketing, they are generally not keeping up with the latest changes that have been happening online and more specifically, focusing their energies in a defensive and reactionary way instead of proactively using reputation to build and dominate in your local business marketplace. Marketing is what leads to sales.

If someone is offering to manage your reputation and can’t show you in a few minutes exactly what they need to do to overtake your competition to dominate the online reputation and set you apart in your industry in your area, then find someone who can.   There are a number of reputation marketing companies that offer their services today. Make sure that you find someone that’s reputable, skilled and has been in the marketing industry for a number of years already in order to ensure success and value for your money.