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Traditional marketing strategies such as social media optimization, social media marketing, pay per click advertising and local marketing are no longer effective today if you are not monitoring or doing something about your online reputation. That means, if you don’t have a system or process or a team that’s looking online to find out what people are saying every single day, a bad review might show up at the top and then all that work that you did to get to the top of Google and all that marketing literally is just shouting that you’re not a good company.

Typically, a business hires the assistance of SEO companies to help them rank on major search engines like Google and Bing. SEO companies will exercise all efforts – daily posts on the website, social media marketing, video marketing, blog posting, back links, keyword research and more just for the website to show up on top and drive traffic to the company. This process alone has been very effective before but times are changing today and the online marketing game has joined the bandwagon of recent changes. It’s been very recent that Google has literally merged Google+ Pages with each and every website online allowing site visitors to see the reviews about the company made by its previous customers, employees, contractors, partners and just about anyone in the globe.

When SEO companies have already ranked the website on top of Google and the company don’t have a reputation marketing strategy in place, there is a huge possibility that negative reviews would show up and site visitors routed to that website can readily see it. This now influences them to either doubt the company or make them realize that they can’t do business with them with all these negative reviews posted.

With that, websites at the top of search engine results doesn’t automatically get new business coming in because of their bad reputation online. This also means that all the SEO strategies conducted, in one way or another has become insignificant. The best SEO efforts cannot overcome negative reviews or no reviews at all. The best optimization and flashiest websites will not bring in new clients if your business has a lack luster or shoddy reputation. This is why Reputation Marketing is vital and must be your first step to effective online digital marketing!

Negative reviews greatly hinder your website conversion and dramatically reduce your revenues. But maybe you’re thinking, “I don’t have negative reviews, I don’t have any reviews at all.” If you don’t have reviews but your competitor does, you lose! Not having reviews could be almost as damaging as having negative ones. Reviews are not an option anymore; they are a requirement!