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Reputation Diagram Means Stature Trust And Credibility



Reputation marketing is building a 5 star reputation online, and leveraging that reputation to get more customers. Having a 5 star online reputation has become critical in order to attract more customers. With all the products and services offered online, most people rely on online reviews when making a final decision.  Most companies rely on referrals for the good portion of their new customers, and that’s what an online review is – a referral! The important thing is to generate reviews from your customers and to get them posted to the correct review sites in order to give you maximum exposure, and to get more business. That is what separates reputation marketing from reputation management. You get more clients marketing,

not managing.

As technology improves and search engines become more accurate, online reputation marketing strategies have grown and evolved. With Google changing the rules of the game, no longer can your company solely rely on SEO to bring your business listings to the front page of online search engine results. Google, Yahoo & Bing have now started incorporating reviews into search engine results. A business with reviews will receive preferential placement over a business with no reviews. This knowledge is central to anyone who seeks to systematically improve their online reputation marketing strategies.


Everything online is rapidly moving toward displaying online reviews about your business. Search Rankings, Business Directories, PPC, Social Media, Local Business Pages in Google, Bing, and Yahoo…basically everything.  This means that SEO, PPC, Banner Ads, Social Media…anything that drives traffic to your business online…is all useless unless you have a 5 Star Reputation on the internet.


What you have to do?


The first thing any business has to do when embarking on reputation marketing strategies is to ensure that their products and services are good enough to warrant good reviews in the first place.  Secondly, all staff should be briefed on the issues surrounding reviews and how they can affect the desired outcome – lots of good reviews.  Thirdly, it is essential to get your business represented in the most appropriate review sites which is not as easy as it sounds but needs to be done and done properly. Fourth, you will need to monitor the reviews that people write and possibly respond to some of them, especially where they would otherwise leave the wrong impression.  Fifth, you may like to publish some of the better reviews on your website or even on your social media channels.

When your clients have positive things to say about your business, you do not have to create the marketing ads; your clients have done it for you. With a 5 star reputation, more potential customers are going to trust you when deciding whether to buy your products or services.

Reputation management is kind of the old way of doing business.  If you really want to dominate your market, it’s all about reputation marketing.

Positioning your company as the market leader in front of thousands of buyers with a five-star reputation is key to business success today.  It’s building a five-star reputation online and then going out and then marketing that reputation which is the most powerful and most trusted type of marketing that any business can do.